Kenya Education Endowment Fund

KEEF Newsletter Vol. 23 June 2023

  • An update on our leadership workshops
  • A message from the KEEF Canada Board Chair

Newsletter No. 22, Nov 2021

  • Giving Tuesday
  • KEEF will be in the Vancouver Sun Run 2022
  • Kakamega Update
  • KEEF sponsor funds a new protected spring
  • The Ware Fund – offering a hand up
  • Letters from our students
  • GC4C projects 2021
  • Canada’s Volunteer Awards

KEEF Newsletter 21, May 2021

  • Supporting our students: revision Books and Soap
  • KCSE national exam results
  • Planning for 2021: Interviews and student selection
  • Congratulations to University graduates - Ezekiel and Dickson
  • Volunteering - is it for you?
  • Vancouver Sun Run - a global event

KEEF Newsletter No. 20 and AGM Notice Nov. 2020

  • Annual General Meeting via Zoom
  • Thank you Kenyan volunteers
  • KEEF’s Pandemic Relief Fund
  • Giving Tuesday – supporting Nickson
  • GC4C projects completed
  • Recognition of Sarah Nabongo

KEEF Update 11 Aug. 2020

  • GC4C projects 2020
  • Virtual cycling tour

Newsletter #11 August 2020

Habari (hello) from KEEF to our sponsors and supporters!

The purpose of this mail out is to update our April 9, 2020 message and let you know that we

continue to support our 130 secondary students during these pandemic times. [Our April 9 message ”Supporting Our KEEF Students” is on our web site].

In mid-March students returned home to their small rural farms in poor communities. Similar to Canada, KEEF students are ‘learning from home’ and outlines for learning expectations are provided for each form (grade).

We have recently been informed that secondary schools will not re-open until January 2021 and students are trying to keep up with their studies until then.

In January, the school year will begin again as students had only completed term one of the three term year. The Ministry of Education has provided expectations online, however they have not provided access to supports. We have taken some action to help our students stay connected to their studies and hopeful for when their schools re-open. Sarah Nabongo (Kenyan office manager), the KEEF Kenyan board and some KEEF alumni have been in regular contact with our students. They provide mentoring support and are helping us to understand the specific challenges of each KEEF student. Based on responses from our students, they – and their parents/guardians – have been very appreciative that KEEF has reached out to contact them.

KEEF Canada has also established a . This is providing solar lamps, some financial assistance to students who have lost a parent, and revision books (something like

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Coles Notes) for all Form 4 students. As funds become available, we will provide revision books for the lower forms. We are trying to make sure that all secondary students have the opportunity to effectively continue with their studies until the January opening.

Newsletter #10, April 2020

Supporting our KEEF Students

Thank you, KEEF sponsors and supporters for your interest and concern as we cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenya has closed schools, universities, and many businesses, and restricted or banned most forms of travel. The 120 secondary students that we sponsor were all sent home and are trying to keep safe as they assist their families and find ways to study.

The KEEF Board is reaching out to our secondary students through Sarah, our Office Administrator, and through many of the facilitators that help with the annual November workshops. [See the photo below]. Sarah has phone contacts for all of our students and will bring concerns to our attention.

Approximately 30 KEEF post secondary students are in a variety of places throughout Kenya. Some have returned home, and some are staying at or nearby their university.

Most post secondary students are active on social media, and we have asked them to contact Sarah to update their circumstances. Many students quickly responded and Sarah will follow up on the others by phone.

It is important to note that KEEF is not a “relief” organization and we do not have funds to directly support the range of needs that can be anticipated. However, we will do what we can and we will keep our sponsors informed.

Keep safe, everyone, as we play our part in the global response to COVID-19.

KEEF Update 10 April 2020

  • Supporting our KEEF students
  • KEEF videos

Newsletter #9, November 2019

KEEF will again participate in the annual Giving Tuesday (GT) event organized by Canada Helps. We have two goals for GT 2019:

  • to reach new supporters and donors through social media, with the help of volunteer Sarah Breakey, and a media release to community papers and broadcasters across B.C. To do this successfully, we ask for your help in two ways. If you see an article locally, or hear a radio announcement, please let KEEF know, so we can thank the agency. If you are on social media, please consider passing on Sarah’s weekly Facebook item, leading up to GT 2019, to your social media friends.

  • Our second goal is to raise $600 by combining small gifts to fund the second year of high school studies for Nickson – the student whose scholarship we raised through Giving Tuesday last year.

    Nickson lives in rural Kenya near Kakamega with his parents who are labourers. He did well in elementary school – being named as Head Boy the final two years. However, there were no funds to continue when he completed elementary school in 2009. He has worked as a casual labourer and herdsman, waiting and hoping for an answer to

his dream of high school. Despite being out of school for a decade, Nickson has worked hard. He especially likes Math and achieved a B average in his courses this year, holding 7th place in his class of 44 students.

You can help by bringing Nickson to the attention of those you know who may have $10 or $20 to spare toward Nickson’s scholarship. (Tax-deductible receipts are available for all donations.) Our website describes the variety of ways people can make a donation. Please ask donors to indicate their gift is for Giving Tuesday.

Thank you for any support you can give to promoting awareness of KEEF’s Giving Tuesday 2019 campaign and Nickson’s need!

For more, contact Shelagh Armour-Godbolt at or 604-415-9397. Email KEEF at
or mail cheques to the address on page 2.
For more information about Giving Tuesday, please check out the short video at this link:

To donate directly to KEEF:

KEEF Update 9 Nov 2019

  • Giving Tuesday Dec 3
  • Kakamega Update
  • Brenda’s ride update

    Newsletter #8, September 2019

    Kenya Education Endowment Fund Notice of Annual General Meeting

    2:00 p.m. Saturday, September 28, 2019
    Oak Room, New Delbrook Community Rec Centre, 851 W Queens Rd, North Vancouver, BC
    (same place as last year)

    On the Agenda:
    Reports from directors and volunteers, including:

    fundraising, finances, and more 

    Election of Directors for 2019-20  Slide show

    KEEF Update 8 and AGM Notice Sept 2019

    • Silk Road ride - fund raising
    • Recognition of our corporate donors
    • New kitchen for Emasera Community School

    Newsletter #19, May 2019

    • School patron’s event
    • Vancouver Sun Run
    • KEEF Workshops 2018  
    • Brenda Rides Again!   
    • GC4C project for 2019
    • Marie MacKay Scholarship  

    KEEF Update-7 Nov 2018

    • Giving Tuesday
    • Reminder to sponsors - fees due soon for 2019
    • More GC4C updates

    KEEF Update-6 & AGM Notice Sept 2018

    • Notice of Annual General Meeting
    • AGM Guests Grace and Philip
    • GC4C Update for 2018

    Newsletter #18 April 2018

    • Kakamega update
    • Ruth, Nurse
    • KEEF Alumni sponsors students
    • Brenda Rides Again! The Silk Route -  Beijing to Istanbul
    • Celebrating Jamhuri Day with KENBC
    • Sun Run 2018
    • Photos and stories
    • GC4C partnership 2018
    • Volunteering with KEEF?
    • Thinking of Louise Paulsen

    Newsletter #17 March 2017

    • 33 New Students for 2017
    • Form 4 Leavers' Event
    • KEEF Alumni Update
    • Nelson Juma Were Update
    • Meet Michael Luttah
    • Supporting Post Secondary
    • Sun Run for KEEF
    • Brenda's Ride Continues
    • Volunteer Opportunities with KEEF
    • Life Skills Workshops 2016
    • Meeting Ian
    • Empower Girls by Educating Boys

    KEEF Update-5 Nov 2017

    • GC4C project a big success
    • Volunteer team in Kakamega
    • KEEF's largest student group finishes Form 1

    KEEF Update-4 Nov 2016

    • New Alinda Ware Post Secondary Bursary Fund
    • GC4C improves access at Daisy Centre Special Needs School
    • KEEF's Virtual Concert continues to attract donations

    Newsletter #16 June 2016

    • We Made It - Brenda's Ride for KEEF
    • Geoffrey's Story - Insight Gives Eyesight
    • GC4C - working with KEEF again in 2016
    • Merville Community Celebrates Harriet's Graduation
    • 25 of 27 KEEF Secondary Graduates will be Called to University
    • Post Secondary Stories
    • Thank You, Rotary!
    • Ezekiel - top Secondary Graduate

    Newsletter #15 Jan 2016

    • Remembering Marie MacKay
    • Update on KEEF volunteers
    • GC4C Update
    • Brenda Rides for KEEF - Cairo to Cape Town
    • KEEF Workshops November 2015
    • Vancouver Foundation Update
    • Victor - the Marie MacKay Prize Giving Day at Masinde Muliro University
    • Brian Bateta "Soaring to Greater Heights
    • Ezekiel Otieno - 'Thanks to KEEF'

    KEEF Update-3 Nov 2015

    • Giving Tuesday is Dec 1,
    • Koyonzo School boys dig trenches for GC4C water project,
    • Kenyan crafts sales raised over $700

    Newsletter #14 March 2015

    • Ashford's Story;
    • Form 4 KCSE Results;
    • Have You Considered a Post Secondary Scholarship?
    • New Student Orientation;
    • Recognition of Sarah Nabongo;
    • A Bondeni Thank You to KEEF and GC4C;
    • Vancouver Foundation Update;
    • Bicycles for Day School Students;
    • Looking for a Sponsor;
    • Are KEEF Workshops Worthwhile?
    • How Can You Help?

    KEEF Update-2 Nov 2014

    • GC4C projects,
    • Secondary fees due,
    • Donation options

    Newsletter #13 Oct 2014

    • Jambo Grill Brunch a big success;
    • New Marie MacKay Scholarship;
    • Why support Workshops?
    • Donating Securities;
    • Post-Secondary letters from Nelson,
      Isaac and Faith;
    • Polite reminder: student fees due;
    • Endowment (trust) Fund Update;
    • GC4C Project updates;
    • About KEEF: How can you help?

    Newsletter #12 April 2014

    • Post Secondary Success;
    • Celebrating Form 4 Leavers;
    • Mwikhomo water storage update;
    • Choosing a KEEF student;
    • Letters from Harriet & Wilson;
    • KEEF Endowment Fund Update

    Newsletter #11 Nov 2013

    • Appealing to Sponsors;
    • A Visit to Mwikhomo School;
    • New GC4C Project at Mwikhomo;
    • KEEF Endowment Fund Update;
    • Donor's Alert;
    • Sad News From Kenya;
    • AGM Update;
    • Merville Community Group ...

    Newsletter #10 April 2013

    • New Students for 2013;
    • New Secretary and KEEF Agent;
    • Volunteering for KEEF: an Unbeatable High!;
    • Primary girls receive hygiene kits;
    • An Endowment Fund?;
    • Call for Volunteer KEEF Agents

    Newsletter #9 Nov 2012

    • AGM Report;
    • Second Annual KEEF-CMC Benefit Concert;
    • GC4C Building Projects Update;
    • Call for Volunteer KEEF Agents;
    • Changing Roles in Kenyan Society

    Newsletter #8 June 2012

    • Feeling Adventuresome - Volunteer for KEEF;
    • Fund Raising Concert on Sept 10;
    • KEEF - the Real Thing;
    • Letters and Photos from Students

    KEEF Update-1 Dec 2011

    • Secondary fess due in December,
    • Inflation in Kenya is a concern,
    • Sharp rise in school fees

    Newsletter #7 Nov 2011

    • Studying by solar lamps;
    • A young sponsor from "down under";
    • GC4C continues support for 2012;
    • AGM report;
    • New KEEF membership options;
    • KEEF workshops

    Newsletter #6 Feb 2011

    • New KEEF website;
    • 26 new scholarships;
    • Report from the field;
    • Nelson Juma Were's story;
    • New Form 1 boys

    Newsletter #5 Nov 2010

    • Updates from Kenya;
    • Evans Wadongo, inventor of solar lamps;
    • Fund raising for KEEF

    Newsletter #4 March 2010

    • Thank you, GC4C;
    • Bikes for Boys;
    • History of KEEF;
    • Student stories

    Newsletter #3 Nov 2009

    • News from Kenya;
    • Why educate boys?;
    • Michael Wesonga's biography

    Newsletter #2 July 2009

    • Review of a successful year;
    • Jefferson & Vincent

    Newsletter #1 Sept 2008

    • President's message;
    • Success stories from Kenya
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